CoreSyte designs, develops, and manufactures real-time, non-invasive digital sweat patches which measure total fluid loss, sodium loss, and potassium loss for an athlete.

  • End goal of increasing driver SAFETY while optimizing PERFORMANCE through the aggregation and analysis of actionable data.
  • CoreStye provides actionable data to INFLUENCERS who then develop hydration and nutritional recommendations for their athletes to help mitigate or prevent COGNITIVE and PHYSIOLOGICAL degradation due to dehydration and electrolyte loss.
  • CoreSyte currently has 4 U.S. Patents Issued with 3 additional Patents Pending

Executive Management

Scott Ackerman, Co-Founder and CEO
With over 20 years experience as a business owner and a background in functional exercise science, Scott has dedicated his career to human performance and human function across multiple disciplines and settings. Whether working with professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, active or retired military, general population, or physician referrals there has always been an end goal of improving physiological, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and psychological outcomes through an integrated plan of care.

John Chiochetti, Chief Technology Officer

As the technology lead of CoreSyte, John brings over 30 years of proven experience in technology, product development, and innovation. His technology development and applications experience covers the range from advanced technology R&D to state of the art business applications, data management and security in both private and government sectors. John has extensive experience in managing technology implementation, organic and outsourced development, and sophisticated multi-disciplinary systems. His breadth of experience and his deep technical skills have been proven across all aspects of product development, implementation, and management.

Mark Zaroogian, Chief Operating Officer

Over an extensive 35 year career, Mark has been an integral business operations leader providing strategic and operational support in highly technical and diverse markets. With a drive for business growth and strategic positioning, Mark’s approach to implementation is to“change the game, not to just change the tool”. As a results-driven senior executive with a niche for transformational change, Mark brings a broad, contextual, and empathetic perspective to CoreSyte.

Board of Directors

Fernando  Murias
CEO of Digital Global Systems with 32+ yrs public accounting leadership at PwC including High Tech Leader for the South East Region, Tax Partner in Charge of Washington Metro and National Practice Leader Tax Management Performance Services. Also served as the Managing  Partner for the Greater Washington area where he  launched and built the Washington Federal Practice

Les McFawn
Current Executive Director for Wright Brothers Institute (WBI), Former Executive Director Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), 40+ yrs R&D and acqusition experience, specialized R&D exec mgt, collaborative innovation, and  technology commercialization.

Rudy Fenner (Co-Founder)

Board Member and Secretary of CoreSyte; Business Development, 30+ years sales and marketing for multiple technology starts, decades of software development experience, who is also an elite performance professional trainer.

Medical and Athletic Advisory Counsel

Dr. Timothy Ackerman, DO

Orthopedic Surgeon; Past work with NFL-Eagles, NHL-Flyers, PGA, Penn State, Rutgers, Drexel, and many high schools.  Currently sits on Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletics Association (PIAA) Sports Medicine Advisory Committee

Darrell Green

Athlete Engagements, NFL Hall of Fame Athlete, entrepreneur executive with multiple successful start ups across broad range of technology and related service ventures

Rudy Fenner
Professional elite athletic trainer and human performance analytics expert with business development and marketing experience for multiple technology starts , decades of software development experience

John Philbin
Director of player performance with NY Yankees; Strength and Conditioning Coach for 20+ years including Washington Redskins, Washington Nationals, New York Yankees, US Olympics; Authored 2 books on Hight Intensity Strength Training