CoreSyte’s unique multi-sensor data platform employs data science to integrate, overlay, and time stamp real-time driver, car, track, and environmental information to increase driver safety and optimize performance.  By centralizing this data into one hub and ecosystem, while leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can begin to better understand the dynamic interrelationships between car and driver.


Our patented performance sweat patches sense and assess sodium and potassium concentrations in sweat every 3 minutes while providing cumulative total body water loss over time. By knowing the amounts and concentrations of the electrolytes and fluids you are losing, you will know what and how much you need to replenish. Providing real-time actionable information before a driver-athlete becomes symptomatic of dehydration or heat related stress is of critical importance. Our system encrypts and stores driver sweat profiles, and can alert the pits when a driver is nearing his/her individualized historic thresholds to allow for immediate intervention. The end goal is to help driver-athletes better understand how their own body is performing in an extreme environment, allow for real-time interventions, and delay or mitigate the onset of cognitive or physiological degradation. Know More… Do Better

Driver Performance

"The research has already given us a better understanding of how to utilize the driver at peak performance in the most efficient way."

Wayne Taylor Owner, Wayne Taylor Racing

Advancing Technology

"As the technology for wearables continues to advance...Coresyte may be able to carve out their own niche ahead of the game."

Less Invasive

"Making the transition from tracking specific indicators in blood to tracking it in less invasive ways is well underway.  The days of going to a hospital, drawing blood, and shipping it off to a lab for analysis are coming to an end."