CoreSyte is the first and only commercially available family of wearable sensors providing non-invasive  insight into the inside of a human in real time.  By wearing a simple band-aid sensor or integrated wearable sensing apparel, users can monitor key performance biomarkers before, during, and after a workout or competition.  The sensor sends current, accurate, and secure data regarding electrolytes, skin temperature, lactic acid, and other essential performance indicators to a smartphone which provides cautionary alerts when levels are departing ideal conditions …


Biometric Measurements




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Advancing Technology

"As the technology for wearables continues to advance...Coresyte may be able to carve out their own niche ahead of the game."

Less Invasive

"Making the transition from tracking specific indicators in blood to tracking it in less invasive ways is well underway.  The days of going to a hospital, drawing blood, and shipping it off to a lab for analysis are coming to an end."